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Founded on 28th March 1995, Simcere swiftly evolved from being a pure distributor of pharmaceutical products to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of drugs in China's rapidly growing pharmaceutical market. Simcere currently operates five GMP-certified manufacturing facilities, two nationwide sales and marketing subsidiaries, a research and development center and manages over 4,000 employees. We are the first Chinese chemical and biological drug company to list on the New York Stock Exchange with IPO proceeds reaching US$ 261 million.

Innovation is the key driver of our progress towards excellence. In recent years, we have refined our strategy to focus on the development of first-to-market generic and innovative pharmaceuticals.

We currently manufacture and sell over 45 principal pharmaceutical products, which treat a range of medical conditions such as tumors and cardiocerebral vascular diseases and infections. Bicun, an Edaravone Injection providing treatment for strokes, was the first synthetic free radical scavenger available on the Chinese market.

Endu, our innovative anti-angiogenic drug used in the treatment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer was the world's first listed recombinant human endostatin and has acquired patent protection in China and the United States. It is also gold medal winner of the '10th Outstanding Chinese Patent Invention Award' and second prize winner of the '2008 National Tech & Invention Award.'

In recent years,Simcere has brought Anxin, China's first Biapenem Injection used in the treatment of severe infections, to market. We also launched Sinofuan, the world's first anti-cancer sustained-release fluorouracil implant and Jiebaisu, China's first marketable Nedaplatin injection.

In 2009, Simcere's acquisition of 35% equity stake in Shanghai Celgen Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. marked our entry in to the field of antibody development. Following the acquisition, Qiangke, a Recombinant Human TNF Receptor-IgG Fusion Protein for Injection and manufactured by Shanghai Celgen, receive the State Food and Drug Administration ("SFDA") new drug registration approval and in October 2011 was successfully launched on the Chinese market.

In 2011, we received a new drug approval from SFDA for Iremod, a new drug in the category of Disease Modifying Anti-rheumatic Drugs ("DMARDS"). It was independently developed by Simcere and will be the first Iguratimod drug on the global market.

In July 2011, we reached a framework agreement with Merck to establish a pioneering joint venture, which will focus on serving China's rapidly expanding healthcare needs by providing significantly improved access to quality medicines in major therapeutic areas.

Our brands are widely recognized throughout China and Simcere currently holds four Trademarks in China: Simcere, Zailin, Yingtaiqing and Bicun.

Simcere's branded antidiarrheal drug Biqi smectite powder passed the Eu-GMP inspection and received international GMP-certification from the Finnish Medicines Agency.

To fuel our sustained growth and demonstrate our commitment to research and development, we established the Simcere Pharmaceutical Research Institute. In recent years, Simcere has averaged a6-8% reinvestment of the company's annual revenue in R&D activities. We also actively collaborate with domestic and international companies and research institutes to develop new chemical and biological drugs with strong market potential. We have a successful track record of agreements with international partners including OSI, Epitomic and BMS. Currently, we have over twenty candidate products in various stages of development. In 2010, Simcere submitted applications to the SFDA to conduct clinical trials of five innovative drugs. This is exciting progress and a tremendous step forwards.

Simcere will continue on its path as a leading Chinese pharmaceutical company. Through the development of innovative medicines we will reshape the future of the pharmaceutical industry in China. We are working tirelessly to provide more effective medicines for our patients and to earn the respect from our clients and society.

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