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Work Environment
Autonomy and Entrepreneurship: We believe in providing autonomy and resources to our employees to let them discover their potential and offer them the platform they need to succeed while working for Simcere. Individuals are given tailored responsibility quite early in their careers and their actions directly impact our business. This independence has helped in fostering a culture of entrepreneurship within the organization that we are extremely proud of.

Creativity and Innovation: Supporting this entrepreneurial culture is the spirit of innovation and creativity. You do not need to be part of Research and Development to bring about innovation. Creativity is promoted in every part of our organization. Genuine mistakes are considered part of everyone's learning curve.

Diversity:Simcere is an equal opportunity employer and this is reflected in our rich and diverse workforce. Our employee diversity provides us the strength to reach out to the world. We value the difference that exists among our employees and leverage this to bring about synergy within the organization.

We need talented people in the following areas:
-Sales and Marketing
-Research & Development

Today’s blazing growth in the business world provides ample opportunities for our employees to build careers in various fields. Opportunities have never been a constraint for the deserving and we believe in employee growth that goes beyond vertical movements and changes in designations. Potential and performance are the pillars of career development at Simcere and our robust development process supports this.

Our managers will generally have the opportunity to live and work in different regions of China; such experience will help them better understand our complex business and grow both personally and professionally. Overseas educational seminars and programs are frequently provided as a reward for the young and talented to broaden their international view.

Employee Development
Employees represent what a company stands for. The values an organization believes in and implements are unequivocally linked to the collective efforts of its people. We realize that the growth of a company can be sustained through the continuous development of people who contribute to its business success. Hence, we focus our attention on harnessing the innate potential each individual brings to our organization.

Identifying Potential
While the initial years in the career of a Simcere manager are used in developing their professional skills, the focus changes as a person moves to the middle management level. Here, leadership potential is a critical success factor and we have a robust process of identifying this potential in individuals. Each of our middle level managers goes through a process that clearly identifies their strengths, development areas and aspirations for the future. This process is supported by a structured process of development, which includes movement within the organization.

Building Leaders Across the Organization
We believe that every individual can be a leader and leadership is not a domain for people at the top. Accordingly, the Simcere Leadership Model focuses on strengthening the leadership qualities across the organization early in an employee’s career. Our model prepares individuals first to deal with 'the self' and then with 'others'. As the manager matures, the model facilitates the individual to become a business leader by understanding and appreciating the multiple facets of business. Finally managers of Simcere are prepared to lead and drive changes -- an ultimate test of a person's leadership skills.

Additionally, as an employee of Simcere you can expect to be trained in the latest developments in your respective field of functional excellence. Our out-sourced, tailor-made training programs support our development initiatives at Simcere and are themselves leading institutions in China.

The Management Trainee Program
The Management Trainee Program is a perfect example of our commitment towards developing and nurturing young talent. Simcere recruits the best minds from business schools and prepares them for the challenges of doing business in today’s rapidly changing market.

Each Management Trainee, irrespective of their discipline, has an opportunity to work and gain exposure in sales, R&D and manufacturing. They also work on live business projects in their own areas of specialization. Projects are also undertaken in cross-functional areas to build a holistic understanding of our business.

A tutor specially assigned for their development evaluates the ability of the management trainees. The tutor and other senior managers coach and mentor them during the training period and prepare them for the challenges of a dynamic career at Simcere.

Salary and Benefits
Salaries and other benefits in Simcere are comparable to the best in the local industry and you can expect to be highly rewarded if your performance is very good and demonstrates consistency. Additionally, you will receive the wide range of benefits expected from a large company.

Medical & Health Insurance and a Housing Plan are two examples of our focus in providing our employees and their dependents with adequate financial protection on a solid and long-term care basis.

Interested Candidates
If you are interested in joining the Simcere team, please send your cover letter and resume to

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